Immerse yourself in the wisdom, humour, honesty, power and love of your Divine Large Self.

How deep can we go?

Come and explore new ways to heal from illness, discover emotional well-being, create more inner peace and light up your joy. What if it was so much easier than you think?

Everything we offer and teach at Healing in the Field, shows us how to venture deeper within ourselves, creating calmer, clearer feelings of inner peace and a greater relaxation in the physical body. Subtle, yet dynamic inner shifts happen, through a powerful, non-physical, yogic practice. This practice involves alignment with our more expanded, unlimited nature (Large Self), the power of intention, a soft focus, harmonic accessing, witnessing and the art of feeling.

Tap into the magic within and discover how to utilize it, to heal your body, quiet the mind, manifest your desires. We all have this talent lying dormant within us.

The subtle shifts we create, initiate deep, energetic release, and as our energy starts moving and flowing it naturally raises our vibrational set-point, which automatically creates within us—a deep relaxation and more feelings like worthiness, joy, self-forgiveness and self-love. As these faster vibrations start coursing throughout our body and energetic field releasing the stagnation—our physical bodies have more energy at their disposal and can start to self-heal. Our consciousness expands as well and we gain new insights, perceiving our lives from our more expanded, eternal, larger selves—taking the control away from our limited small self (mind). It’s a practice, a skill, an awakening to who you truly are and the power you hold

Raising your inner vibrations naturally and steadily, creates a new mastery over your health, mind and emotions. You start to vibrate a faster field of energy. Powerful manifestations always follow.



People often don’t realize what magical creators they really are!

Your emotions are a guidance system; they don’t need healing or clearing. When you learn how to navigate them; your level of emotional well-being skyrockets. Suffering and resisting bad feelings become a thing of the past. This is the beginning of true freedom!

Introducing Trauma Awareness™. An uncomplicated way to renew your health and all areas of your life. Starting Jan. 26, 2019, and continuing weekly. Join in, anytime.

There are many ways to move Trauma. Most self-healing skills taught, do not address the trauma-load, and how important it is to reduce it. They also have you try to fix it or clear doesn’t work. Trauma morphs into many things and physical healing can be limited, if the load stays in place.

Trauma Awareness™ is a safe, gentle, profound, energetic experience. Claim all your power back, when you tap into the mysteries of the inner healer and access information; initiating subtle, energetic shifts; releasing and flowing the stagnate energy in your physical & non-physical self. Free yourself from a trauma-load you’ve operated from for eons of time! Create dynamic shifts in perception, discover self-love and return to a more harmonious relaxed state; initiating the body’s ability to self-heal. Welcome to the beginning of a freer, happier life, vibrant health and emotional well-being! (click for more info.)

As Catherine gently read a field invocation to me, a memory from my past rippled to the surface. As my awareness rose, the event itself seemed not that important. It was knowing how I had cut myself off from feeling any emotion about the event that was more important. I could also feel how I had, in turn, cut off many other types of feelings and emotions in my life. I was existing mostly numb throughout my life and pushed myself, keeping busy and challenged. As the awareness grew, I could feel the trauma lifting. In it’s place was a beautiful sense of peace and calm. My previous anxiety level had virtually disappeared. Catherine’s words and voice seem to trigger and activate a deep healing. A trauma came forward to be acknowledged and allowed to move and flow through me. It happened quickly and easily.
Christine M. B.C. Canada